Monday, February 05, 2018

DSP and the tale of two gaming chairs

How do you lose two sponsors in a matter of hours? DSP had a sponsor earlier (OP Chair) and that sponsor dropped him due to his extreme antics. Then another sponsor appeared. DSP got the chair and promoted the damn thing. People started looking into DSP's new sponsor and things weren't adding up. After a few hours, the company completely shut down and the site went down. Pretty much the whole company was wiped from the Internet. That seems a bit strange.
DSP promoted the chair and the company shut down within hours.  
Once again, the King of Gout is lying. People figured out that his “sponsor” was buying cheaper gaming chairs and marking them up to a higher price. And, it didn't help matters that the chairs didn't have their own logos in order for streamers to promote their products.
Again, the trolls and haters saved him and his fans from getting scammed into buying an overpriced chair which was priced lower on other sites. People did do some digging into the company and it looks a bit shady.

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