Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Zack Snyder was fired from the DC?

Zack Snyder was fired from the DC?
I still haven't seen the JL movie, and I really have little desire to watch it after BvS. For me, Snyder is like Bay. They both put style over plot and character. DC did give Snyder too much power and I don't they can heal the DC brand without completely restarting the universe. I also think they should have made Batman a “Year One” version than a “The Knight Returns” type of character.
From, (( the official story doesn't match the real story. According to Dickey, and later by Collider's Matt Goldberg, Snyder was fired from Justice League. The official statement at the time of Snyder's exit was that he was leaving to deal with the suicide of his teenage daughter, and it's clearly understandable that he'd leave the project behind for that reason. ))
I also feel bad for Snyder losing his daughter to suicide. Dealing with depression on a huge level isn't easy and loss is even harder. There was no way he could have bounced back and completed JL.  Joss Whedon should have been the first choice for JL, to begin with. And, after the attack Joss received for Avengers II by the far left, he needed a win. Instead, he played doctor-director to a movie that DC wasn't happy with.
However, we also got a hodgepodge of a movie with two different directors making one movie. If you didn't like the JL final product, Snyder's cut was even worst. It was only after the fact that DC knew they had a turd on their hands.  When reviews started to pour in, I didn't want to even bother watching the movie.  This is coming from a huge DC Comics guy.  And, I watch more Marvel movies now.  
One of the most amusing things is there are fans of Zack Snyder out there that want to see his cut of the film. These are the same people liked the extended cut of BvS too.  I don't think we will ever see all the stuff removed from the Snyder cut. 
DC, Zack Synder is NOT your guy.  

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