Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Godzilla (Zilla 1998) and Doritos

Godzilla (Zilla 1998) and Doritos
I mentioned this years ago on my blog. I can't seem to find the old post and I am too lazy to go look for it. It popped into my mind because I was looking up info on Dean Devlin and his “firing” on Geostorm. He directed original cut of the movie, but the studio replaced him with Jerry Bruckheimer .
He was a producer on that horrible Godzilla movie from the 90s. I looked up a story about the movie. And, that strange Doritos commercial popped into my head. The strange thing is Doritos made and paid for these two ads in 2006...the movie came out in 1998. Given that everyone hated Godzilla 98 and the studio halted work on a sequel, why would Doritos dig up this old and dead remake? Why not “hire” the old/original Godzilla? Why even make it at all? Everyone viewed the movie as a failure. Why connect the brand with a cheap knock-off of Godzilla?
I could see this ad campaign being a tie-in with the movie...if it were 98. In 2006, we were way over the American Godzilla. It makes zero sense. It is like making a Freddy Got Finger ad connected to a new KFC commercial.
What I found out is very little has been discussed about this artifact on the web.  

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