Friday, January 05, 2018

Oh, hi, Wesley Crusher.

I generally respect Wil because he was one of the early people that made blogging what it is today. I even looked up to him as a person that really put effect into blogging. However, reading about his freak out over a damn Lego set making fun of Wesley Crusher is a bit much for me.

Lately, he has become a bit more whiny for my taste. (Remember the Shut Up Wesley bit). Wil Wheaton to a bit upset over a Lego custom set that had the TNG crew. Wesley's figure had a crybaby's face. This triggered Wil.
From Screen Rant, ((The action figure in question was part of a set depicting the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Released by – a web-based business that manufactures made to order LEGO figures as well as unofficial adaptations of popular pop-culture characters – the Wesley Crusher figure is depicted as a crying child, in stark contrast to the more stoic and determined adult figures around him. The site also features custom figures based on other popular science fiction franchises such as Rick and MortyRed Dwarf and The X-Files. ))
Relax, Wesley. It is just a Lego set. The person who designed this set is clearly having a laugh. He or she is just a fan of TNG and hated Wes as much as the rest of us.
From Comic Book, (("In this particular custom set, though, Wesley is depicted as a crying child, and that’s not just disappointing to me, it’s kind of insulting and demeaning to everyone who loved that character when they were kids," Wheaton writes. "The creator of this set is saying that Wesley Crusher is a crybaby, and he doesn’t deserve to stand shoulder to minifig shoulder with the rest of the crew. People who loved Wesley, who were inspired by him to pursue careers in science and engineering, who were thrilled when they were kids to see another kid driving a spaceship? Well, the character they loved was a crybaby so just suck it up I guess." ))
Here's the problem, Wil. Wesley DOESN”T stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the crew because he was a flawed character that Gene created to mirror himself. He did it to inflate his own ego, and Wesley was supposed to be how Gene viewed himself as a child. Gene sort of Mary Sued himself into his Trek world. Instead of fixing the character, he spent time cheating on his wife and getting high and drunk during the production of the first two seasons.
You yourself have made fun of Wesley and made fun of your acting countless times on your blog and in books. Why does this Lego character trigger you? While we might not see eye to eye politically anymore, I liked the fact you were openly addressing the problems with the character you played and the legacy behind it. Now, you seem to be more sensitive to it.
I even understand the argument. He might have inspired people to get into the field of science, but it doesn't take away that the character was poorly written for two years and limped along after that. It wasn't until he left the show did his character grow some balls became an interesting character. (First Duty and The Game)

I'd be more triggered by your Flubber appearance.  


Marechal Molitor said...

What an onslaught on a character that had the misfortune of not only being intelligent, but also a little unorthodox and sensitive with a spark of genius on occasion. That combination always seems to arouse hostility.

Semaj said...

It didn't help matters that Gene saw himself as Wes Crusher and wrote him to be super smart to the point of almost being a god. I also think Wes being super smart made the rest of the crew of TNG look really bad in the early season 1 episodes. They got a better handle on him in S2/

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