Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Well, you're paying for it in some way...

Please Note: Everything I mention in this post is just theories.  I am not mentioning everything because DSP fans tend to go after anyone that attacks the King of Gout.
The lies keep coming and piling up.
If you remember, I mentioned that DSP allegedly hired an escort and tried to stiff (pun intended) her out of 2K. She got mad and started to post info to get him to pay her due of spending a weekend with him. At the same time, this was supposed to happen, Phil decided to post pictures of his “new” GF near a tree.
In the photo, he didn't post her face. I didn't believe the escort and thought this was a major troll ride and so on.
After getting paid, she posted this photo on her blog. Keep in mind she is claiming she is under an NDA, so this was a clever way she confirmed she was the woman in the photo (allegedly).

The reason I find this offensive is because he is squeezing his loyal fan base out of money in order to allegedly pay for escorts. I am all for people paying for escorts and I actually support it. I am too poor and t cheap to buy one myself, but I can't turn my nose up to it.  However, you can't use the money fans donated to pay for your GF Experience when you claim you are broke.
While I am not 100% on board the escort story, I am more 60% in believing the story. Plus, this still doesn't prove it, but it does match up with the hair color of the woman in the photo that DSP posted.
The man has some balls on him to pull this off...allegedly.   Any woman that has to put up with this face is a hero in my book. 

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