Thursday, January 25, 2018

Left-Eye and the Creep Song

I think this was a turning point for TLC creatively. Creep showed that the group was willing to expand out of their funkier 90s songs from their first album into something more adult and sexy. Not every in the grouped like the song though...

Left-Eye hated the meaning behind the track. I mean she REALLY hated it.
From Wiki, ((Despite this, member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was the opposite. She threatened to wear black tape over her mouth on the song's music video due to her disagreement with its message and the choice for it to be CrazySexyCool's lead single ))
Here's the kicker; Left-Eye's part is NOT in the single-released version of the track. Generally, all three members had a part in each song, but Creep's single doesn't have Left-Eye in it. It is just an R&B track. I always found that odd, and I didn't know she almost wore tape on her mouth to object. I wonder if LE's objections also meant she wasn't going to do a rap unless it was to her liking.
From The ((I wasn’t down with cheating on your man, you know, for me, it’s be faithful. Trust me, I fought against that single coming out. You know, I was like if a girl is gonna catch her man cheating, this was my thing, instead of telling her to cheat back, why don’t we tell her [to] just leave.” ))
Later, LE added a rap verse that is completely counter to the message of cheating. Take a listen to LE's lyrics in the remixes.
I think the Super Smooth Remix is the better remix and actually almost as good as the original one.
Here's the remake 20 years later. It sounds so different. Interestingly enough, the remake doesn't have Left-Eye's lyrics. Why not add her verse as a tribute?

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