Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Random Things

Random Things
~Not doing bad, but not great: While I not as depressed as I was earlier this year, I still have a sense of depression every time I go to work. I am trying my best not to walk out of that place because the insurance is so good, but things aren't exactly going well for me there. And, I don't want to use up all of my vacation days.

~Black Mirror: Okay, I watched two episodes of Black Mirror recently. I watched the first episode of season four and the last episode. I want to discuss the first episode in greater detail later. However, I like the season finale a lot. It is nice how the stories tied to each other at the end. Is this a British-made show? It has both Americans and British people staring in the series. It is even commented on in the season finale.  yeah, I will go back and watch the rest of the series.  

~Yet another Pornstar passes away: Generally, Pornstars pass away after leaving the biz. However, there have been some untimely deaths of adult actresses dying while still being at the top of their game. While we can talk about being progressive about sex workers in sex biz, we still have to talk about the unstable nature of many of the people working in it, Besides August, Turi Luv overdosed in the same month. Now, Olivia Nova has ended up dead as well. While I know little of her, given I am a porn pro, I think she was a very attractive girl which came into the industry in 2017. Her Twitter is NSFW! I will have more on her when more news comes out about her death. It should be noted that Olivia Nova looks very similar to August Ames. 

~Here's a video about Star Wars Detours: It was dropped, but an already made animated series. I remember Disney dropped it after they bought the franchise. Lucas was even promoting it before the buyout. The show was nearly completed. Will they ever release it? Probably in a few years on their streaming service.
It looks awful. However, this was when Lucas was still bitter about the response to his prequels.

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