Monday, January 22, 2018

DSP update: Escort Faking

DSP update: Escort Faking
Somehow, DSP has become the new Chris Chan.
I was 60% on board with the escort story, but was a fake.

It appears the escort story was false, but the whole thing doesn’t add up. People dug deep into the escort story and the website and everything seemed legit. Everything down to her rates and her STD screenings was on par with an escort things. And, the fake escort was connected to a real escort network.
When the escort posed a strap-on on her Twitter account, it went viral. That was when a woman recognized the lady's Twitter profile picture.
Here where things get strange and interesting. This was part of a bigger scam involving a couple of people that used fake or stolen accounts from social media to get money and gifts and to blackmail people. Kiwi Farms and other uncovered this recently and it is a very interesting read. Not only were they scamming DSP, but all the trolls and detractors as well. The reason the story seemed so believable was that they had a record of escorts and other information for ten years.
It is freaking nuts. I hate DSP as much as the next guy, but to set him up like this and try to blackmail him for money and to get white knights to give them gifts is really low. Not even DSP deserves this scam. DSP is a horrible person, but not even he needs this shit.
It should be noted that all of this information came out due to the work of detractors and trolls that hate DSP. I find it amusing that it was the people that hate him that uncovered the truth about the escort saga. Of course, the scammers have disappeared and all of their sock accounts disappeared as well.

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