Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Bits (Sicko)

Random Bits

~Man, HBO is playing the heck out of the movie Epic Movie. The movie just keeps getting worst after every viewing. Why do they continue to makes these pieces of crap?

~I’m still very sick, but I’ve gotten better. I’m not up to 100% yet, about 40%

~It looks like Doc Brown will reprise his role in a Music Video. I'm really looking forward to this one. It reminds me of that “Sweep the Leg” music video.

~Does Denise Richards need her own reality show? However, we do have more than enough useless reality shows starring non-celebrities.


MC said...

Denise Richards no. Charlie Sheen hell yes.

Mr. Frost said...

i never took the time to even rent epic movie, and i hate scary movie for starting this hole pile of crap in pop culture! hope you feel better man.. later

Semaj said...

MC: Given is his crazy life style, I'd love to see a show about him and his father and brother. "The Sheens"
What does Denise have to offer to a reality show? She has no personally on camera and off.

Frost: Thanks. I'm getting there. Being high on cold meds has made it hard for me to type.

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