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Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds
Man, this movie hasn't aged well. It sort of came out during the time of Police Academy, so it models itself like Stripes. There are tons of boobs and unPC jokes and you can throw in some drug humor too. It also had weaker sequels that aimed for a younger audience with PG-13 ratings.
There are things to still enjoy about the movie and I don't hate the movie viewing it through current eyes. It also interesting to see this movie with 2016 eyes with its stance on nerds and the culture. Back in the day, this was the way people viewed an outcast. Today, nerds rule the world and cool people try to look like nerds with their horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans. 
Plus, nerd culture is so varied and divided. I wasn't a nerd, but more of a stupid geek/slacker/smart ass, but I identified with this movie growing up. And, the overall message, buried in there with boobs and weed jokes, that outcasts have feelings and want to live their lives without constant bullying is a good one. 

-John Goodman is in this: I tend to forget that he's in this movie and looking very young. He plays the coach and he's really good playing the asshole/bully. His character hates nerds and I've met some coaches just like him in high school.
-The Gay Guy: In 2016, the way they handled the gay character is very stereotypical. I wouldn't call it offensive, but misguided. He would be an outcast due to the views in the 80s. I did like that they included him in the group due to nerds coming in all types. Today, this character would be a character part of a different group altogether. 

-Lambda Lambda Lambda : I still get a kick out of the fact the nerds apply for a black fraternity . All the race jokes are very funny especially the music joke at the party. The leader of the Tri-Lambda group is played by badass (from DS9 and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka). I loved his scenes. I also like his reaction to the party scene. BTW, this is now a real fraternity!
-Party Scene: Speaking of that scene, everything seems to work for me in the long scene. It feels like an 80s comedy movie. Weed, Michael Jackson, sex, and the pig prank. I like how the nerds and the “not so hot” chicks start to have fun due to the weed. I also feel bad for the party goers when the pigs show up to crash the party. It is mean, but having a bunch of guys mooning them does make me laugh. Why didn't the women moon them too? This is a hard R and the women are sitting on the truck with the guys. Speaking of which....
-Fully Nudity: I remember seeing this as a kid and being shocked they not only showed a lot of topless women, but showed women fully nude. This was one of the few movies that did that. And, I don't think women just walk around topless in dorms like this, but I am not sure. I've never been on a panty raid . People give this movie a lot of flack for the panty raid and cam-spying scenes. However...
-The rape scene: There is a scene where one of the “heroes” pretends to be the boyfriend to the “hot” cheerleader and proceeds to have sex with her. (Though it is implied he just does down on her, looking at the movie with older eyes) I'm no SJW or PC police, but this treads on our “hero” raping her. He had sex with her under false pretenses, and he didn't get her permission clearly. Just because she is okay with it doesn't make his action okay. Rape is not the sort of revenge I want from my teen boob-comedy.
-Cheerleader Leader Chick: Uh, she isn't really not my type. She is so skinny that you can see her rib cage in her topless scene. I guess that was a thing to have women look like they were starving. Plus, she looks to be late 20s or early 30s.
-Actually, everyone looks to be about 25-30 years old here.
-James Cromwell plays the father: He's only in one scene, but I couldn't believe he's in this film. He know plays government type leaders, but here he is a greasy nerd. I got a kick of this because he would later be known for his Star Trek roles.

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