Monday, February 01, 2016

Fine Brothers (React Thingy)

Fine Brothers (React Thingy)
I like the Fine Brothers and their reaction videos. Why create and copyright the term of React and make some shady network. Trust me reaction YouTubers don't need a network, because they're making a lot of money and companies actually ask many of them to make videos reacting to their stuff. And, I don't have the hate for these sort of reaction tubers like everyone else. But, I do like when people make fun of them.
It just doesn't make sense to attempt to trademark “react”. No one is going to join your network if you pull this shit. It just seems greedy to trademark such a generic term such as react and it seems cheap. 
From BBC, ((On Tuesday, the brothers announced a licensing scheme called React World, which they said would let other video-makers use the "react" title and assets such as their graphics and music. ))
By doing this, they will force people to use their channel to use the term react. 

BTW, they have tried to cleared up their announcement video that got a “reaction” from the Internet.


MC said...

This was a good explanation for why they ultimately did this:

And it seems that the late breaking news is the Fine Bros have given up all their trademark claims.

Semaj said...

Nice video explaining it. plus, they used the franchise example to their defense, but doesn't really give protection and benefits from said franchise. Ijust posted the update before Iread your comment and would have given you some credit love too.

BTW, I love how the internet has all hated this thing given how divided the internet

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