Sunday, January 31, 2016

Janet Hubert goes after Will Smith and his wife

Janet Hubert goes after Will Smith and his wife
After watching Tommy talk about her, I re-watched the Hubert video. Look, I've carried on a bitter feud on companies and people for years and I can see this in this bitter response. She's partly right about Will Smith and Jada, but this response is coming from nearly 30 years of feeling wronged by Will Smith. Trust me, this type of behavior destroys you and I am working on my bitterness.
 Since I generally can't trust the Smith family due to their strange tries to certain cults including Scientology, I always view anything they have to say with a grain of salt. Janet is right that the Oscars are not that important to the overall movement, yet Smith is taking up this cause. However, Janet is coming from pure bitterness. 
Side Note:  Did you know Janet played  Aunt Denise in GTA5?  I didn't know that. 

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