Friday, January 22, 2016

Amy Schumer, please say it isn't so

Amy Schumer, please say it isn't so
This might get taken down, but take check it out.
Three female comedians came out and accused Amy of stealing jokes. I really like (Now, the sex jokes are pretty generic and I've heard all of those before and most comedians do them.) Schumer really is using modified jokes from a generic form, but some are saying she is completely ripping off jokes. I'm still torn about this. 
From, ((But, the same day, she also went on Jenny McCarthy's Sirius show and said that "underground, this has been being said for a while," that many other comedians have thanked her for bringing it into the spotlight, and that she wants Schumer (who shou ))
I was also a bit upset over the Amy attacking a teen reviewer over a silly sexual joke that she is KNOWN for these type of jokes. That's why I like Amy because she is offensive and politically incorrect and proud of it. Why would she take offense?
Side Note: Some of the women accusing Amy of stealing jokes have since backed down and deleted tweets. 


MC said...

There is a difference between you or one of your friends calling you an asshole in a funny/deprecating way and a stranger doing that to your face (because that kid @'d that comment so she could see it too). It's not just that he said it... it's that he said that joke TO her after she took a photo with him and she probably came away from that moment feeling like she had a positive interaction with a fan and then felt a little betrayed when he turned around and did that.

I mean, we both know that I've said horrible shit about celebrities because I thought it was funny... but I never directly linked those things I said to them so they could see it, and I know you felt bad when you found out that particular people saw things you said about them.

Semaj said...

You and I both have said some mean things (and I still do) . I've said far worst. And, you make a good point about linking to her. Your argument is very valid. There are a few things I'll clear up.

I see it as a young kid that made a shitty joke (which was connected on twitter to said person) and it wasn't funny. If you don't know the person (unless they work in the adult industry?) to make a slut joke. I still don't get the whole twitter culture, you have a website, kid. Post it there. She could have handled it differently.

Usually, when a comedian gets these type of remarks they deflect it with a joke of their own, thus deflating the argument. Like "Hey, kid, I'm glad I was your first (and last), keep up the good work. Say hi to your daddy for me,"

I felt her response was weak or at worst lazy. It is something I would do because I am the God of Lazy, She is very biting and honest (she has gotten in trouble a lot of times for rape jokes on Twitter) And, she didn't shut this kid down with a quick joke.

But, you're right about taking a photo and then taking a jab. That is a bit much. Again, part of that snap a photo of myself culture I don't get. That was a bit underhanded, but a part of this stupid young culture of snap-chats and tweets. which she could have destroyed.

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