Sunday, January 17, 2016

George Lucas is a Sith?

Come on George we know why you really said those things. Your ego can't take the fact people liked Force Awakens more than your beloved prequels. There is a huge amount of jealousy. At first he gave muted responses, but then he started talking about how the fans will love the movie, but it was not the movie he'd make.
He started making these little comments that really made it seem like sour grapes. 
"Back in my day, hey, get off my franchise!."
 From Indie Wire, (("They wanted to do a retro movie. I don't like that. Every movie I work very hard to make them completely different, with different planets, with different spaceships, make it new," he said. ))
Yep, we saw your new movies and they were the prequels. Okay, Revenge of the Sith was pretty good. They didn't connect with the fans. This is where I disagree with Lucas. EP7 really isn't a retro movie as it is more of a movie with modern storytelling elements mixed in with tributes to the EP 4. Plus, the movie focused in on the characters and making them people we want to cheer for.
People forget that George has a huge resentment toward the fans for not fully embracing the prequels. Despite his effects to change the originals to “fit” the prequels and his efforts to push the prequels' merchandise on us, we didn't bite. And, I think the final straw was the fact no one bothered to see Episode I in 3D. He told us that we'd see the other movies in 3D if we watched Episode I and no one did.
So, then he came out with some snippy statements stating that people don't have to worry about him making anymore Star Wars movies...right before selling his franchise to Disney for almost 5 Billion. 
From Movie Web, (("I sold them to the white slavers that takes these things, and [laughs]..." Read more at:
I really don't have a huge problem with the”White Slavers” comment, but all statements about the new movie just rub me the wrong. For a guy that is extremely left leaning, why would he use such a comment to relate to Disney? It is a company that has gone out of its way to be diverse in all its  products.
This is a man that regrets selling his franchise, but I think it is because everyone has embraced the new direction the franchise has gone (including the really good SW Rebels). And, they're doing it without him. He feels abandoned. The best thing that Disney did was ignore Lucas's story suggestions and make the movie they wanted to make with the new/old creative team (IE like the Marvel movie model).
He apologized. From The Root, (("I rarely go out with statements to clarify my feelings but I feel it is important to make it clear that I am thrilled that Disney has the franchise and is moving it in such exciting directions in film, television and the parks," Lucas said in a statement put out Thursday.  )) 

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