Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~Glenn Beck endorses Trump: I certainly hope this gives Cruz the bump he needs, because I can't stand Trump. I am not a fan of Cruz, but I'd really hate to see an racist=raving fool in the WH. Also, Trump got an endorsement from everyone's clown Sarah Palin. I can't see myself voting for Cruz, but it is time for the GOP to end this clown show with Trump and focus on their issues. Keep in mind I hate Sanders and Clinton too, but I would be forced to side with Clinton because Sanders is too far left. Plus, she is a stronger person and would fight bullies like ISIS and others while still making peace with Cuba and Iran.
~Clint Eastwood: Okay, I partly agree with him and I hated American Sniper BTW, Most people don't win Oscars, but some of the protesters on the black side are correct. While I don't think there should be a protest, the issue does need to be discussed. There is a snubbing against minority actors, but not on the scale some on the far left are tying to push. Eastwood is more of a old fart than anything else. And, throwing out a hashtag doesn't cut it. 
~Chelsea Handler says Bieber is the worst: He was the worst interview because he tried to get his stroke on with Chelsea. He kept flirting with her. I just think he's a major prick and still can't understand his appeal to young girls. He's done so many shitty things even using the dreaded N-Word. 
 ~XFL: Remember that shit? I was listening to a podcast about the WWE Attitude Era. They go into the downward spiral of the XFL. It is funny that NBC dropped the show and it sort of tanked. Vince threw the XFL into the trash by trying to make the XFL into WWF with tits and ass with cameras in the cheerleaders locker room. 
You made it a point to NOT make it a WWF brand, but went for the Attitude Era skits. Why? Most people forget about this major mistake in sports and one of Vince's biggest failures.
Yep this is lowest thing ever in sport history.


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Damn, this is me with a smile on my face. I see how you made the connection between Trump and the XFL there. Very clever. I had no idea this happened years ago. Kind of reminds me of a certain Paramount Television Service that was commissioned and funded back in the late 70s and then got slapped down due to the other networks working together to stop it from happening. Years later we got UPN which was based on PTS.

Damnit wish you were still bloggin

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