Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Best funny deaths by Cracked

Best funny deaths by Cracked
Cracked won't let you embed the video so click on the link below.
Steven Seagal in Executive Decision: Yes, his death scene is pretty funny and I was shocked that he died. I wanted a Kurt Russell movie with Steve Seagal, but I ended up just getting 20 minutes of Seagal mugging and then getting flipped out of a plane. I kind of laugh at that scene, but it is a horrible death.

The Rock=Rocket Man: This is one of the worst pun inducing scenes in the entire movie, and it feels like Cage made this shit up himself. He then uses the rocket on Tony Todd to kill him. Don't kill Commander Kurn. Oh, and the Rocket didn't instantly kill Todd's character, and it wasn't the fall. It was the “random” spike that did him in instead. Damn.
Ratts Tyerell in Star Wars EP2: Yes, this is very dark even the kid friendly nature of Ep1. This racer has his entire famliy watching the pod-race and he totally bites it smacking into a rock in a cave. And, his family gets to watch it on the jumbo screen. That's pretty dark. And, yes, he dies from what I read in the Canon wiki. Keep in mind most of the other racers merely lost their pods and not their lives. (Maybe the Sand People ripped apart the guy that got shot down though) That's pretty dark, George.

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