Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homeless Man-Junk

Homeless Man-Junk
Warning, this link is not safe for work or humanity as a whole.
This is why you don't get into it with homeless people. You might get dirty-man-junk in your face, and that's not fun for anyone.
-What started confrontation?: There are times when homeless people will enter places and start shit with people for no good reason at all. Was this one of those times.
-How does showing your wiener help your cause? Protection?
-So, the homeless man shows off his beanbag and frank, you follow him off the subway. That's usually a sign NOT to follow him, because you're probably going to get more junk-in-the-front. Did you want to see more? 
When someone shows their undercarriage, that's usually the time to end the argument.

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