Friday, January 08, 2016

If Sega was honest with us back in 1999...

If Sega was honest with us back in 1999...
Yes, I had a Dreamcast back in the day and I loved it. However, I kept waiting for Sega to release some good RPGs on it, and they never did. And, it seems Sega of Japan never fully backed the system,whereas Sega of America abandoned the Saturn. The Dreamcast was always domed and when Sony and Microsoft announced their consoles. That's the truth of the matter sadly.

And, Microsoft sort of worked with Sega to get their console up and running and used a version of Windows as their OS. Then, MS went on to make their console and lift the rug from right under them. I'd love to see that memo that went around when they fully planned on dumping the Dreamcast and go software.
And, anyone else remember that Bernie Stolar was fired right before the release of the DC?  History sort of repeated itself with the Xbox One.  Check out some reading on Bernie's firing.  Now, Bernie says that "Golf Incident" had nothing to do with his firing, but many sources have claimed otherwise.  And, I had heard that SOJ was pissed.  
And, there were games being planned for the console when the switch happened too.  That sucks.  
I ended up giving my Dreancast to my brother when he moved to CA.

Side Note: Sonic Adventure: While buggy, was one of their best games. However, RE was pretty good too. How do you go from SA to Sonic Boom?   
Side Note: Remember when Sony tried to copy their memory cards with their own pocketstation? 

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