Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road (Part 1 of 2)

Mad Max: Fury Road

What the f' did I just watch? For the most part, you're watching a massive car chase for an entire movie. Plus, I really enjoyed the movie a lot. Just sit back and marvel at the zany nature of the movie. And, you'll be shocked the directions they go with the material. It is one big, bloody, fast-moving chase movie. I had a huge smile on my face when I watched this movie for about 80% of the time.

George Miller is the king of Mad Max and he's been doing these movies since the first one. While it is set in the same universe and timeline as the other ones, it feels like this one is on crank or something. It is Mad Max with a Fast and Furious flavor to it. Miller is at the top of his game with his directing and editing. And, I love the use of take frames out of certain scenes to give it a strange look, plus speeding up things here and there.

The movie is comprised of two super long chase scenes with a second act between them. The second act sets up the direction the characters want to go after that. While the second act is a bit of a drag, it is a nice to see the movie take some time to breath. I can see some people having a problem with that.

You will witness people getting crushed and rolled over by semi trucks and cars. The automobile carnage is extreme and I am amazed they got away with what they showed on screen. There is one scene even I was squeamish with that involved a woman and a couple of knives. They went there and even more.

The main villains are a cross between Scientology and death metal band. The henchmen are bald and wear this white paint. Plus, they're willing to kill themselves and paint this strange silver on their lips. It is never fully explained how this cult works, but they are frightening. And, I really like the main head of this cult too. He might be the best villain out of the Mad Max movies. 
 Then there is guitar guy. Why is he in the movie? I am not sure, but he's there whenever we see the horde of bad guys chasing our heroes. He's surrounded by huge speakers and shoots flames out of his guitar. He serves no purpose other than to be cool and random. I loved this character.
The editing is fast and neat. The movie is tight and doesn't take time to explain thing in the first and third acts. The stunts are a good mixture of practical and CGI. The CGI sandstorm scene is amazing. I never thought I'd see cars get lifted up and destroyed with such beauty. Take that Twister. Yet, the car crashes are huge and seem real. I have no idea how they got away with this sheer scope under 150 million. Miller did it though. 

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