Monday, January 25, 2016

Rideshare driver's car attacked

This is a nightmare.
While I've never seen anyone this violent, I do see some crazy things at night being a rideshare guy. You will see people try to get into rideshare cars just like this woman that aren't even her requested car. That what this woman tried to do here. I had a super-high woman jump into my car as I was trying to drop someone off as if I were a taxi. She hoped in nearly running over the other rider and thought I worked as a taxi. I had to tell her to get out in a kindly manner. I just had another woman so messed up that I had to try to wake her up five times when we got to her place.
Yes, this woman got into this man's car and started to destroy it from the inside. He was really professional about it. Though, the shove back was a bit much and could have turned out really bad for him. If she would have broken anything when she fell, he would have gone to jail instead. BTW, it is illegal to hope into a rideshire car without the proper ping.
The best and sad part about this story is she IS a doctor.
From Fox, ((A fourth-year neurology resident in Florida has reportedly been suspended after video surfaced that appears to show her physically and verbally assaulting an Uber driver before trashing his car and throwing his possessions out into the street. ))
I honestly would fire her though. Suspend her, but don't fire her. Force her into AA or anger management meetings. Trust me when I say people act completely different when their drunk from when they're clean. I just can't believe she's acting like a drunk sorority girl. 
She wasn't arrested because the driver didn't press charges.  I would have done the same thing.  

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