Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Accidental Love (AKA Nailed)

Accidental Love (AKA Nailed)
This movie has a lot of negative history. Back in 2008, David O Russell pushed for a healthcare “comedy” and started making a movie called Nailed that was based on a book(Al Gore's daughter Kristin Gore ). The backers of the movie sort of stopped paying for the movie and not paying people fir their work. over the years this movie was being filmed, a bunch of stoppages on the way. In 2010, after many halts in production, David walked away from the project with only a few days to finish. Yet, the movie was still incomplete. Plus, you had an actor quit the movie during filming over a story element (James Caan ). This movie looked doomed from the start.
And, the movie was shelved. However ,someone decided to dust this mess off in 2014 and super-glued the parts together. Russell didn't return for this cobbled together cut and removed his name from the movie. The fake name Stephen Greene was used for the renamed movie Accidental Love instead of Nailed.
This movie is bad, and I don't think the movie would have worked with Russell at the helm too. It is very silly. 
 -Tracy Morgan (AKA Tracy Jordan): Why is he in the movie? I like Tracy, but looks rather bored and seems to have stumbled in from 30 Rock to this movie set. He really doesn't have anything to do with the movie.
-Most of of it is NOT funny: It wants to be this biting comedy about healthcare, but it is not really funny. I'm not sure what tone they were going with either. It ll over the place. With some proper editing, maybe they could have found it, but not in its current state.
-Very Raw Movie: This means that scenes carry on far too long. Sometimes, characters will speak off screen without a shot to show their location to the character they're talking to and ruining a joke in the end. The movie is in bad shape indeed.
-Healthcare Comedy?: Since this movie was conceived in 2008-ish, there was a lot of talk about universal healthcare. This movie would have fit into that time period. So, it is annoying that goal of this character is to force a vote on healthcare reform, and we have a bit of that already with Obamacare today. Obamacare sort of makes this movie moot during 2015 that is the time of release. Yet, the GOP wants to resend Obamacare today, so maybe this movie could be a factor again...or maybe not.
-Jessica Biel : She has never looked fitter or hot as she does here. She is a very attreative woman. And, I think she can be a fine actress, but she is straining a bit in this movie. I believe it might be Russell's direction making her look bad. And, I like many of Russell's movies. 

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