Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Fine Bros repeal their React-act

The Fine Bros repeal their React-act
I did a bit of research and people on YT seem to really hate the MCN the Fine Brothers are connected to named Fullscreen. The fact this was happening and they were creating their (in name only) MCN really made people become mistrusting of their true intentions. They were trademarking the word “react” in order to corner the market in reaction videos in some people's opinions.
From Digg.com, ((Late last night the Fine Bros took down both their React World announcement and the subsequent calcification video. They also posted an apology message to Medium that states they will discontinue React World, ))
And, they're take away their content and copyright strikes, which is a smart move after pulling this “boner”.
They've been losing so many subscribers that there is literally a live ticker and website watching their fans bailing their channel. Check out the site. It is a real shame because I actually love their videos and I am a subscriber to their channel. I won't be unsubscribing though. They'll bounce back within a year and most people will forget.
This video clears up some of the shady agreement deals they were going to use.

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