Sunday, February 28, 2016

Remember that McDonald's beating case?

Remember that McDonald's beating case?
Was that Marty McFly in the orange vest walking past the camera?
Yeah, this is a classic one I posted about years ago. I recently told someone at work and it became a popular video to watch with the managers. Looking back on it, I am amazed these two women even tried to bring up a defense given that they jumped over the counter. Once you jump over the counter, you're trespassing. And, what exactly were they planning on doing when they got to him? Were they going to hand him a flower and a peace sign? Of course they were going to beat the living crap out of him. 
What would you do in the situation?
I still think Rayon McIntosh went too far with the beating once they were down. However, a grand jury refused to grant any charges against him. McIntosh did have a pretty bad criminal record. However, one of the women also has a record. Actually, all three parties in this case have criminal records. I find that amusing.
From the New York Post, ((All McIntosh was trying to do at the time was hand Darbeau her extra crispy chicken sandwich. But Darbeau turned on him, mocking his Caribbean accent, shouting, “You should be deported!” and “banana boat!” McIntosh’s lawyer has said. ))

And, it was over a 50 dollar bill. The two “ladies” got upset when he or a manager checked the dollar bill. Part of the problem with the black community is we are quick to answer insults with all out violence. We then only blame the white man for our problems. People have to understand that being a bully doesn't always pay off for you. There is always someone that is a bigger badder bully or former bully. Sometimes, we have to stand down and walk away.

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