Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pizza Guy gets screwed

Pizza Guy gets screwed
I know the title sounds like a porn scene, but it is actually a real story about a bunch of car dealership folks really screwing over a pizza delivery guy out of a tip. And, they did it in the most dick-ish way possible.
The bill came up to 43 bucks and the dealership guys gave him a 50 dollars worth of bills. From the, ((The driver shows up to deliver the pizzas, which came to a total price of $42 and some odd cents. He received $50 — two $20 bills and two $5 bills, and while this part isn’t in the video, he says he confirmed with the workers that they wouldn’t need change and left, thinking he’d gotten a $7 tip. ))
If you're going to spend up to 43 bucks, and give the guy 50, just let him have the change. Basically, the dealership guys called the pizza place back and demanded the 7 dollars in change. So the pizza guy had to drive back to dealership. I can understand why the guy was pissed at these folks.
Here's the best part. The video was posted on the Internet by the Car Dealership guys! They called it ((irate pizza driver )). Why did they think they would look like heroes in this story? They look like total dicks. Yet, they think they're in the right. They deleted the original video.
While I don't think pizza guy needs the donations from the Internet, save it for a sick kid or something, people get stiffed all the time. I do enjoy reading the Yelp reviews on the dealership. I am not saying the deserves seven bucks, but we've seen in the past that people will misuse the Internet's goodwill. By the way, even the dealership's YT ads are getting low ratings.
If I believed in Karma...

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