Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your sign is offensive (Mark-Mark-Mark)

Your sign is offensive (Mark-Mark-Mark)
In this video, no one wins. First off, kid should know he was just manipulated into acting out. This is what these guys do. They put out offensive and demeaning signs in order to get reaction out of someone that is hyper sensitive. They record it and post it making you look like the asshole. They then hide behind free speech. When I see these asshats on campus, I just walk pass them and ignore them. When they hand me shit, I promptly throw it in the trash in front of them.
Here's the thing, they have that right. If you want to get back at them, make a counter protest or mock-protest right beside them and have your own camera guys recording. You fight ignorance with parody.
Second, Mark-Mark-Mark should have never grabbed him (?) by the neck and thrown him to the ground either. That was going way overboard. He seems a bit too overzealous with throwing that squeaking kid around. I thinks he enjoys it a little too much.
Kid, if that pig squeal is your battle cry, you're not going to scare anyone. It sounds more like you're taking a poop than attacking someone.
-Double Middle fingers: That means business.
-“Take a hike”: Is this the 50s?
-“Your sign is offensive. It's hate speech. It provokes assault.”: This is something all minorities need to understand. Just because someone calls you something racial, sexist, or homophobic doesn't give you the right to “pop off”. When people know what buttons to push by using these words, it GIVES them power over you. And, you will be the ones going to jail...not them.
If it offends you, challenge them with a smarter and better argument. Better yet, don't let them bother. It should be the haters that have a problem with you, and not the other way around. But to try to rip the sign from them or attack them is completely wrong.

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