Wednesday, February 11, 2015

American Hustle

American Hustle 
 This is kind of a quirky movie that is a little bit too silly in some parts, but is actually pretty good overall.  The movie leans on some darker elements only to dip back to a softer movie.  That’s okay, because it doesn’t have to dip into the really darker side of storytelling.  David O. Russell may be a total asshole, but there is something cool about this gaudy and charming 70s throwback comedy/drama film. 
Two con-people Bale and Amy Adams get caught up in a bigger con with a government agent.  The longer the con/bust goes, the more people get ensnared into the con/investigation. 
Amy Adams’ boobs should have credit in the end titles too.  She has them on display in most of the movie.  Holy, crap.  Anyway, Adams really shines as the con-woman.  She’s great as the smart con-person. The staring roles are basically shared  between Bale and her.  She’s a strong character with some complex things going on.  Is she really pulling a long con everyone? 
I am really shocked how much they ugly-ed up Christian Bale.  He’s overweight and very bald, which isn’t the way he really looks.  In the opening we get to see how superficial he really is with his introduction.  I was like, “Is that Batman?  A fat Batman?”  The makeup is so good that it is almost distracting. 
Jennifer Lawrence plays Bale’s crazy and kooky wife.  Lawrence really goes for the gold with the role.  The character is stupid and annoying.  And, she has a passive-aggressive control over her scheming husband.  I hate this character, but I am supposed to hate her because she plays the role so well.  Good job, Lawrence. 
Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner (another Marvel movie connection) are great too.  Louis C.K. is funny in his limited role.  I love the shitty story he keeps trying to tell throughout the movie. 
-Latino playing an Arab:  That was pretty funny.   It shows the US government just doesn’t get it. 
-Robert De Niro extended cameo:  Robert has a great tension filled scene with said Latino agent that doesn’t speak Arabic and it goes on from there. Robert is un-credited.  This is probably his best work of late given all the bad movies he’s been in. 
American Hustle isn’t the best movie in the world, but it is entertaining.  It has some funny moments with a lot of people really dressing badly in extreme 70s style clothing.  The makeup is very well constructed.  The movie is fun with a nice/neat wrap up to its story.  Not a bad movie. 
Grade:  B-
Side Note:  This movie is full of Super Hero cast members! 
 : Batman
: Lois Lane
:  Hawkeye
There's your DC/Marvel crossover.   
 Batman 2036:   "Alfred, get me another Bat-Beer."
Every time she was on screen, I kept getting distracted.  I wonder why?

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