Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vanilla Ice arrested for stealing...junk?

Vanilla Ice arrested for stealing...junk?
Well, Vanilla Ice has always wanted to appear as a hardcore rapper. I guess this is in the right direction some 25 odd years later..sort of. 
Get this, Vanilla was filming on his reality show, and he sent his work crew over to a house to steal shit and take it over to the house he was working on for his reality show. Isn't that strange. Weren't we done with reality shows starring Ice Ice Baby? This isn't the mid-2000s anymore.
From the, ((The burglarized residence, which is in foreclosure, is near a home that Van Winkle, 47, was working on for his show on DIY Network, The Vanilla Ice Project, and some of the stolen property was later found at Van Winkle's home, police say. ))
Well, this is the most press he's gotten since that Ninja Turtles ad. Did he rap Go Ninja to the arresting cops?

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