Friday, February 06, 2015

Hot Wings vs. Buffalo Wings (Who cares, a-hole)

This guy is really annoying
Hot Wings vs. Buffalo Wings (Who cares, a-hole)
I'm actually speechless because I am not sure if he is a entitled little prick or just a “lolcow”.
From Urban Dictionary, ((A lol-cow is a victim of a Flame War who can't help but be milked for lulz time and time again. They have a compulsive need to give up as many laughs as possible at their own expense despite themselves. ))
First off, you don't deserve a refund and a free meal. You only deserve the refund. And, no one cares you feel cheated. I feel so bad for the employees that have to deal with this entitled asshole. It can't be worth it. And, I even love that manager has to bring out the sauce bag to show him. Just give him is money and tell him to leave. 
It's Burger King, who cares?  
That's the thing, almost all of his videos are of him
1 Getting offended
2 Making a very public scene
3 Explaining his rights
Not everything needs to be a cause or crusade, dude.
It is almost as if he's milking the drama in order to get Internet famous and wallow in the hate. And, boy do I hate this guy. Keep in mind all of his videos are in the negative thumbs downs in the thousands. I just think he has a mental disorder, but is also aware of the attention he's getting.
Just watch his other videos. He's really annoying.

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