Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PS or BS: I “love” your comments...

PS or BS: I “love” your comments...
Yet again. I received another comment that showered me with their love (or is that piss?). These comments usually pop up from posts I did years upon years ago. This one had me in stitches. How the heck did he come across my blog? Also I pissed him off so much that he left me an angry comment.
Somehow, my rant about fat guys in tank-tops/wife beaters, offended him. His name is Xak. Let's read and enjoy his remarks on my shitty “offensive” post.
((The difference is while you may be 'tired' of seeing fat guys in wifebeaters, and you can actually do something about it by making this blog to express your displeasure (mostly because you've got nothing else to do), ))
Well done, sir. You came out swinging and insulted me. I “nod respectfully” toward you, sir. Because it is my blog, I can say I am weary of seeing male underarm hair and portions of their pale guts...because I am sick of seeing it. So, let's get this straight, I have nothing else better to do, yet you've somehow stumbled across or searched out this post and fully read through it, went to the comment section and wrote a comment. I guess we're both losers with nothing else better to do. 
This depresses me to no end...
((if a man made a blog expressing his displeasure over seeing muffintops on women, his blog would be shut down over his 'insensitivity'.))
Crap, I guess I've attracted Men's Rights person. Really, you're going to go there with this comment. I hate to burst your bubble, but I attack and insult EVERYONE. I wrote a post about a woman getting naked and having sex and attacked her on it. If you've read my blog long enough, I attack everyone and my blog hasn't been shut down. Sorry, your argument doesn't hold water or even piss. I hate everyone and everything.  Remember that. 
I'm the one that believes that we've gotten too sensitive on things, but you can't use that argument against me when I got 10 years of blogging under my belt. Sorry.
((Yet, because of your gender, you can basically do anything you want, complain about anything you want and whine about anything you want and men cannot. (explain again to me how men oppress women...) ))
Whoa, hold on. You think I am a woman? This might be the first time in history that someone has confused me with a woman. Then, they accuse me of being a...feminist. A feminist? Are you shitting me? If you read my blog I am all for equal rights for all genders and whatever “Q” means, but I am totally against modern feminism. How, the frak did you confused me with that given my fair stance on everything? So, you've made a mindless post about fat dudes into a post about MRA and feminism.
WTF? I hate to see a female version of my ugly self, yuck.
Xak, come back anytime, because this is really entertaining.

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