Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fat guys in wife beaters, please stop.

Public Service Announcement:  Fat guys in wife beaters, please stop. 
 I am tired of seeing overweight guys wearing the sleeveless shirts everywhere. Yes, I know it's hot, but no one wants to see your side-boob. You're not a chick. Women can pull off the look, fat guys can't. And, this is coming from a big guy and you will never see me wear one outside the house.  You also have to love that the term for the shirt type is connected to domestic abuse.  That there are some many cases of people wearing these sleeve-less shirts that have during a domestic case that it is given the same nickname.  Strange... 
There is nothing hot about this mess.
This is the male version of a muffin top on women. Not all of us should wear them.  And, never has a shirt had so much range as a wife beater.  Rednecks, d-bags, blue collar guys, and homeboys wear these things. 
Is this the total denial of guys thinking they're hot shit regardless of their weight or height? 
So, fat guys, put on some bloody sleeves. 


Anonymous said...

I don't see why fat guys should dress in a special way. I don't see why people should "look hot". Don't be too influenced by consumerism. During 99% of mankind's history, people never cared about looking "hot", "cool", etc. And many people still don't care at all nowadays, which you may not realize depending on where you live. Clothes have not been invented to make us attractive, cool, or sexy. Don't forget it, even if you live in an environment where you see hundreds of commercials per day that tell you "impress your friends!", "be sexy!", etc.

Xak said...

The difference is while you may be 'tired' of seeing fat guys in wifebeaters, and you can actually do something about it by making this blog to express your displeasure (mostly because you've got nothing else to do), if a man made a blog expressing his displeasure over seeing muffintops on women, his blog would be shut down over his 'insensitivity'. Yet, because of your gender, you can basically do anything you want, complain about anything you want and whine about anything you want and men cannot. (explain again to me how men oppress women...)

Anonymous said...

Fine. We will all take them off and go topless. Would you prefer that? How about you mind your own business instead?

Semaj said...

This [post was a joke and it happened WAY back in 2013. With all the things going on in the world, THIS pissed you off?

Anonymous said...

Fat or thin, men in wifebeaters are INCREDIBLY SEXY!

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