Wednesday, June 05, 2013

After Earth: A Scientology Tale?

After Earth: A Scientology Tale? 
I probably need to watch the movie, but I am not sure I can sit through the movie though.  
I've been reading these stories about the strange connections to between the recent mess of a movie After Earth and the teaching of L. Ron Hubbard. We've known for years now that Will Smith has strong ties to the space church and with his friend Tom Cruise. And, Smith is a bit of a scholar of sorts in the Study Tech stuff.
Smith, forcing his son into a high powered movie, has also place hints of Hubbard's beliefs into the movie. Keep in mind After Earth is more of his own project than a M. Night Shyamalan joint. The story was clearly created by Smith and developed for screenplay Shyamalan and Whitta. So, I am thinking he added all those bits of Hubbard teachings into the story, and the other two wrote around those ideas. And, we know Smith is into all this stupid Space Church stuff.
People are pointing out the similarities throughout the Internet. Here here, here. And Someone on Reddit put Will Smith to task for the story's connections to the "church". And they have a highly detailed account of all the connections to Scientology.
I guess Smith tried to sneak some of that space church business under our noses.  I've been told that Smith is highly intelligent, which makes this connection Scientology so strange to me.  
The other kicker is Tom Cruise had that Oblivion movie that had a similar idea of an abandoned Earth and Aliens that wanted to wipe out humanity.
There are other similarities to other works of Hubbard. So, we have Battlefield Earth and After Earth. After Earth received a cool 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. Battlefield Earth owns a nice 2%.  While Oblivion will make its money back, After Earth and Battlefield Earth will lose money. 
And, check out this picture with a certain volcano.  Hmm...
 How many spirits floated out that thing?
  Are you stealing my ideas, human thing?  

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