Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Rant, This lady is crazy

Dunkin' Donuts is wonderful and this rant is crazy...
This woman is beyond serious about her damn donuts! Well, she wanted to show it online.
By the way, here is the full video.
Please, someone give her a coke and a happy meal. 
-She wants her donuts: Why is so angry with Dunkin' Donuts that she is trying to make a viral video?
-If donuts are so important, can you imagine dating her? Every issues will be video worthy.
-I love the old man that doesn't want to be a part of the video. “I have my own issues.” He wants nothing to do with her at all. I want to interview the old man and get his reaction. 
-Sand N-Word? Really? Way to keep it classy, lady. Saying something that hurtful to some darker skinned people mean and rude.
-Uh, I am from Kentucky and this does happen here. When she says, “I'm from Indiana and Kentucky,” that probably means she from the southern Indiana/Louisville area. Great...
-This was all over a receipt. Maybe, she just wanted a free meal. 
-The Employee that had to endure the crap will be honored by Dunkin'. I guess some free coffee and donuts are the highest rewards. 
This rant reminds me of that LSU pizza girl freakout. 
Before they are taken down, here are a few videos of her working as promotional person. (PR)

Happy Wok
The best part of the video is seeing her “fake” reaction to eating the food. Watch her expression when she swallows the food, because she doesn't like it. 
Ludacris and Taylor
This one is just strange.  You can tell Luda doesn't really want to talk to her. And, is she flirting with him?  
She likes tires


MC said...

I don't understand how she thought she was going to be the one who came out well on that video.

Semaj said...

There might be a bit of mental problems that morphs her world into thinking that she is a hero. In other words, she might be bat shit insane.

I love that she wanted the video to become viral.

MC said...

I think the thing that makes Taylor Chapman so much worse in this case than the LSU pizza girl is the fact that there is premeditation. She went into Dunkin Donuts with the express purpose of acting like that.

Semaj said...

Yeah, that's true. It would be interesting to hear her side of the story. But, she's gone into lockdown mode.

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