Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Putin: Lord of the Ring?

Putin: Lord of the Ring?
In Russia, ring steals you. 
 I love the fact Putin is so bold to take a man's ring and then stick his guards around him. For his part, Putin claims that he never took the ring. But, you have to give the guy some credit for having the balls to take the ring (allegedly) in front of the owner.
From Yahoo.com, ((Kraft met Putin in St Petersburg in 2005, after the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl that February. In a statement at the time, he reportedly said he had decided to give Putin the ring as a gesture of goodwill. ))
Yeah, I didn't get my bike stolen, I gave it to the theft as a gesture of goodwill. I don't buy that “Gesture of goodwill” stuff at all. Give someone a gift sounds right including heads of states, but not something that you earned and worked hard for like a Superbowl ring. 
 I don't think Frodo wouldn't have handed over the ring to Sauron or Saruman so easily.  Putin does look like a more fit Gollum.  I better be careful, I don't need the Russian Mafia after me.  

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