Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chad Johnson Slaps his lawyer on the ass...gets 30 days in jail

Bus Driver:  "You're going to jail now." 

Chad Johnson Slaps his lawyer on the ass...gets 30 days in jail
Well, that was pretty stupid, Chad. You almost made it out of jail and you done f'ed up. It should be noted that he's kind of an a-hole. He was in the court room for a probation violation in a domestic violence case.
I know very little about sports, but I noticed he was the one that changed his name to Ochocinco and back to Johnson. Looking through his wiki page, it appears that he lost his job with the Dolphins after his arrest in the domestic violence incident.
From USA Today, ((It was all set until Johnson, when asked by McHugh if he was satisfied with his lawyer Adam Swickle, gave the attorney a light swat on the rear — as football players routinely do to each other on the field. The courtroom erupted in laughter and at that McHugh said she wouldn't accept the deal. ))
So, he was ready to get out of it all and he pulled this little stunt. And, he seemed to have tweeted from jail too. Wait, how did he do that? I thought you only got one phone call.  Is tweeting allowed in jail?  
From his Twitter place ((Love me through the good and the bad because I'm gone love you regardless... See you in 30... ? ))
I've never understood why grown, straight men enjoy slapping other men on their asses anyway. For a bunch of “manly” men, slapping men on their backsides seemed a little gay to me. I've been slapped on the ass, by a woman, and I didn't even like it then. I can't imagine having some muscle bound dude doing it to me.  It is one of the Sports things I will never understand.  

Just give me a hand shake or a high five. It seems odd that this is the way you show your approval for a “job well done”. When it is done outside of sports, it is called a Herman Cain in the workplace. (I kid I kid) And, what about the butt slap in prison? That's a whole other story.  

 Okay, now this just looks creepy.  imagine this happening outside of the game, and some random old dude grabbed your ass.  
 Supposedly, the older woman is a coach and she offered to have her butt slapped by this dude.  I guess it takes all kinds. 

 Nothing to see here.  It looks like he's trying to stop something from coming out...
 Okay, Chad, you're doing it wrong.  
 Nordberg in Jail:  I am not sure why this photo popped up in my search.  
Yes, that's President Bush being presented with a potential butt slap, but (butt) he declined supposedly.  

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