Thursday, June 20, 2013

TWA Flight 800 cover up?

TWA Flight 800 cover up?
I generally hate conspiracy people and their foolish conspiracies, but I've always didn't buy the conclusion to the TWA explosion. While I don't buy the 911 conspiracies, the TWA one makes more sense. Here's why, this happened in 1996. Do you think the American public was ready to to know there were people out there trying to shoot down planes?
Look, I hate conspiracies because they make the government look better than what they really are: a bunch of people that have no idea on how to run a government. If the government was so well organized, why are there so many screw ups? And, people forget how powerful just one or two people are with an act of violence.


MC said...

Just keep in mind that there are at least 3 other Boeing fuel tank explosion accidents (1 before and 2 after 800) that match the circumstances of 800 (though not the end results because the other 3 were getting ready to take off).

Am I totally denying the missile hypothesis? No, but I want to see more evidence.

Semaj said...

Agreed, and we are at the point of everything is a conspiracy today. I'm going to look into the info as it starts coming out about the doc-film.

And, for the most part everything seems to line up with it being an accident.

Plus, i didn't put this in the post I forgot, most terrorist groups want to claim they were behind the attacks. this time we didn't hear anything.

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