Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You're going to jail now...

You're going to jail now...
Well, this is embarrassment. I have to say that the cops showed a lot patience. She basically follwed every bad stereotype for a black woman.
1 Being Loud
2 Staying on the cell phone
3 Acting entitled
 They gave her every chance to leave the plane without being arrested, but she still acted “ratchet”. Though it looked like the butch police officer wanted to lock up while the dude cop wanted to escort her off the plane.
She refused to get off her cell phone when the US Airways people told her to put it away.
From the Huffington Post, ((allegedly refused several orders from the flight crew to stop talking on her cell phone on Sunday. The pilot was reportedly forced to return the plane to the gate ))
They gave her a chance to leave, but she acted like a complete fool in front of her child.
This doesn't make her worst than the Donuts Lady, because she didn't intend for the film to get out. But, this video makes me want to hide in embarrassment. Sometimes, we, black people, need to step aside and not fight every fight, let the cops escort us off the plane and get another flight. Your son should have to see you act "ratchet" and then get arrested.  

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