Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~Paula Dean: I never knew who this woman was before the scandal, and I still don't care about her. Is she the racist version of Chef Emeril Lagasse? She isn't really cute as Rachael Ray or as fun as Lagasse, so I ignored her. She said some stupid things, but do some of the companies that are dropping her really care? She apologized, so I don't like the jumping on her too.  I see her as an old fart set in her ways and less of a total racist.  I've worked with bigots, and she's not even close. 
~Paula:  What is the deal with people named Paula.  Paula Poundston, Paula Dean, Paula (straight up) Abdul, they're all screwed up to varying degrees.  
~Fifty Shades of Grey receives a year: This book started out a terrible fan fiction and now it has become a major book and movie deal. Are we all out of ideas, and we're plucking from the dark realms of fan fiction? From what I read about the book, it is super hardcore porn in a reading form. Aren't women supposed to be disgusted with these types of sexual acts? I actually remember seeing a woman carrying around one of these books while at work. Isn't that like me carrying around My Baby Got Back 47? And, how are they going to film this type of movie in a PG13 or R form? And, I am not a guy that denies someone their porn.
~Rain and more rain: There seems to be a lot of rain here in the city. It rain a lot yesterday and there was a quick storm today. I hope the storms are short tomorrow. I feel like singing that "rains" Game of Thrones song.  
~Man of Steel review part 3 will be out sometime this weekend. 

~Rihanna vs. Liz Jones: I hate to say this, but I side with Rihanna on this one. There is generally an air of hostility between older and younger women that I've witnessed a lot over the years.  The older woman will always snipe at the younger one every chance she gets. 

Jones wrote that Rihanna promotes rape in her on-stage outfits. Sorry, Liz, that's a cheap shot, and no one really should use that argument outside the knuckle-headed religious types. So, Rih shot back with one of the worst pictures ever present of Liz Jones. To be fair, Jones was probably having a bad week in that photo. I've seen myself look that way many times. 
But, it is a bad picture...ouch. 

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