Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Marvel's Daredevil trailer (Netflix show)

Marvel's Daredevil
2003 is a long time ago. Yeah, Marvel got the rights back from Fox. Fox tried and scrambled to keep the rights to DD by fast-tracking a reboot. But things kept falling through and Fox gave up. Like Spider-Man, DD is very important to the universe and should be a part of the movie universe. 
  This trailer is clearly what the 2003 film was supposed to be. We didn't get that version until the director's cut. If this show is a hit, we should see Sony share their Spider-Man character. We've kind of grown out of stand-alone superhero movies.
Now, my problem wit DC is that all their TV shows aren't connected to their current slate of movies, which makes no sense. Gotham is its own universe. Flash and Arrow are set in their own shared universe will not be connected to the Justice League. I have no idea why DC keeps its properties so segregated like this. Did I mention their new Batman is a reboot? Come on, DC. 
-Charlie Cox looks and sounds great as DD.
-True Blood Girl: Yep, that's the young red head from True Blood in this trailer. Really cool, but she will always be that vampire.
-Kingpin: Yeah, we get a shot of Kingpin from behind. I read we're going to see his rise to power. Since this is set in the Marvel Movie Universe, we could see Kingpin play a role in other shows like Agents of Shield or other movies too.
-Netflix freedom: The show appears to be gritter than other the Current Marvel shows/movies. The show can get away with far more violence than say on ABC. This might be a place to put most of the Marvel shows anyway, that or Showtime or Starz.
-Looks interesting and I will be watching these episodes.
-No Coolio? : Remember, Coolio was in the director's cut of the movie. 

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