Thursday, February 05, 2015

Katy Perry: This is How We Do

Katy Perry: This is How We Do
I keep seeing this on the TV screen at the gym I go to...everyday. I always find it sort of strange, but never got around to actually listening to the song. I kind of like Katy Perry and think she's sexy. I could take or leave her music. While her music isn't shitty like say Justin “Beaver” or Gaga, it is certainly popcorn music. It's fluffy, but tasty (like Katy Perry?). It's just not that fulfilling, but it isn't bad either.
It's a cute song with a slow beat and laid back style. 
-Fat Dude: So, you open your music video with the backside of a fat dude looking at a Perry art piece. I could have done without the fat dude, but I get what you're going for, Perry. 
 -Pee Wee Herman outfits: Okay, I laughed with this bit. I like the reference, but I am almost sure Perry's teenage fans WILL not get the reference at all.
-Katy and the dancers: I have to say they are fairly attractive.
-Mariah Carey: That is not her in the video.
-Aretha Franklin shoutout?: I'm all down for newer artists giving props to the older ones that paved the way, but I am sure her audience doesn't know or care who this singing legend is. I just felt it was a little strange.
-Animated Food: There is a reference to “Let's all go to the lobby” with the Ice Cream characters. I can now say I've seen ice cream twerk on screen. My life is complete.
-At a certain point, the gravitational laws fail and everything just starts to...float.
-So a “Ten” is a good looking guy, and a “two” is a frog. Where does a turtle land on this scale. I did like the “Going bed with a ten and waking up with a two.” (And, ladies I'd be an "one"  You take me home, you get an one.)
Okay, I actually liked this laid back little song. It's not alwful like some of the pop songs from today and the slow jam is a bit catchy. 
Grade B-
I can't help but think about Montell Jordan's “This is How We Do it”

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