Monday, February 02, 2015

How bad is Samurai Cop?

How bad is Samurai Cop? Just watch this review.
Yes, they actually made this movie (with outtakes) in the film. As I stated before, they are making a freaking sequel to this shit. I might have to say that The Room might be better. I know, I know.
Spoiler Alert: He's taking a shit. 
-Poor VO, acting and edits.
-For a Japanese gang, there are a lot of non-Japanese members. WTF?
-The Wig on Samurai Cop is clearly from re-shoots, probably months after they finished the “movie”.
Will I do a review on the movie? Someday perhaps.
BTW, here's the trailer to Samurai Cop 2...enjoy?
Yes, the trailer ends with an outtake! 
 Jar-Jar-Binks-ing it up.

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