Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
 ~House of Cards: While I am very sick and getting over a bad cold, I will be watching season 3 of this show on Netflix this weekend. I got done with the second season of Orange is the New Black within a week. Netflix is really pulling out the stops with these orignal programs. It is like they took the HBO model and mixed it with Showtime's model and made it their own. House of Cards is one of my favorite shows because it is so mean and evil. Heck, they killed off a major hero in the first episode in the second season. That takes balls. I can't wait to dig my claws into season 3. Remember, Frank Underwood is the president. 
 ~Robocop Remake: I tried to sit down and watch the remake. The FX were good and the acting isn't bad. However, I found myself bored with the movie. Robocop 3 was bad, but it was boring. I did like that ED robo shows up, however I couldn't stay with the movie. I turned it off. Why remake something that already worked? I like the first two movies, but hated the two TV shows. Yes, there were two TV shows and TV movies. Why are there so many R-rated franchises with animated tie-ins. 
 ~M. Night Shyamalan reborn?: Maybe. There is a new show coming out, limited like the 24 restart, about a strange town with strange people. It's called Wayward Pines. Doesn't it sound like Twin Peaks? MNS will produce and direct one episode. Can his ego be contained on the small screen?
~Listening to Back to the Future III score: I love this score so much. While part 3 is one of the weaker entries in the franchise, the music is a nice departure from Parts 1 and 2. The score has a western feel, but also adds some newer themes to the franchise. Alan Silvestri is one of my favorite composers. Make sure to listen to his Predator scores. Take a listen...
Here's my favorite Predator track.

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