Saturday, February 07, 2015

Radio Shack Goes into Bankruptcy

Radio Shack Goes into Bankruptcy
Who didn't see this coming? I have a co-worker that works in a Radio Shack and I kept telling him the stores going kaput soon, and I am not even sure why there are any stores still open. 
  I have very fond memories of Radio Shack. I remember going into the store as a child and looking at all the neat remote-controlled things and all the electronic toys. Hell, I remember when they carried these strange off-brand Transformers toys. They sold an unoffical Shockwave in the store that looked a little different from the normal toyline.  
From, ((As such, similar non-Transformer toys using the same mold were released in 1985, including a RadioShack exclusive called "Galactic Man". A minor but amusing difference between the RadioShack version, humorously called "Shackwave" by fans, and the Hasbro version, is that Shockwave's inconveniently placed trigger was remolded and appears less... inconvenient. ))
There is still a Radio Shack store in the same shopping center when I went as a little kid. With all the different stores coming in and out of there, it is still there. I entered the store recently, and it was rather bare and boring. It hasn't changed. I didn't get that sense of wonder I got when I entered that same store years ago.  It seemed out of touch. 
Like Blockbusters, Radio Shack seemed to refuse to change with the turning tides of the Internet. When they did, it was too late. Do you remember those Radio Shack changes ads? 
I wish I could blame Shaq for the fall of RS because he was a spokesman for the store years ago.

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