Friday, February 20, 2015

Afroman punches female fan out

Afroman punches female fan out
He punches her and then goes on playing his guitar. Not cool, man.
Uh, maybe he punches all his fans that way as a parting gift. It reminds me of that scene from Time Bandits.
All joking aside, what the hell happened. Why did he completely Mike Tyson her on stage? He knew she was there and not a threat. Keep in mind most of his fans are stoners and non-threatening. I am shocked he even has a following, because he was so (90s).
Here's another video. She landed on the corner of that second stage. Ouch.
When a woman twerks on you, you don't punch them.
Here's his apology.
It should be noted that he's been arrested and charged with hitting that fan. And, you better believe there will be a lawsuit. Now, his tour dates are drying up. Yep, he deserves it. I just didn't know he was still a thing today. 

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