Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bacon Donuts: Really?

Bacon Donuts: Really?
 I went to the local gas station this morning after work. I went inside to get some maple donuts. I noticed something truly disturbing. I encountered Maple Bacon Donuts. Really, America. Aren't we fat enough as it is? Now let's combine two things into a nasty combo.
My face contorted into pure disgust. I looked over to the woman working at the station who was sweeping. “Did someone actually buy some of these bacon donuts?” I asked.
She nodded. “Yep, I sold three of them today. I don't get it myself.”
“I guess people will put bacon on everything.”
Come on, people. Certain things shouldn't be crossed. Black Republicans, Techno Country music and ice cream pizza. Bacon should never cross into the doughnut world. I'm all for integration unless it comes to meat and pastry products. I don't want my fried chicken mixed with my birthday cake.
Heck, I hate when people use pineapples as toppings on a pizza. Yuck.
Let's stop this bacon mixing shit before it gets out of hand.

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