Monday, January 31, 2011

Canada's UBB (Usages-Based Billing)

Canada's UBB (Usages-Based Billing)
When I first read about the rates, I couldn't believe how low the GB cap is. This is so wrong and a clear slight against competition. This is clearly the media giants fight against Microsoft, PSN, Netflix YouTube. I am surprised some of these groups haven't tried to fight the UBB because there will be a lot of people that will stop using their services because they won't be able to afford the extra overcharges. They want to stop the growing increase in Streaming content, which is hurting the cable networks and regular networks.  (Did I mention that this will hurt online gaming too?)
This is wrong and needs to be stopped before more countries attempt to do this, namely the US. It is time for Microsoft YouTube and others of online content providers to start making their voices heard because that revenue that they've been seeing is about get tighter.
We need to stop this in Canada before some dumb ass IPS starts to cap our Uses at around 25GB. Currently in the US, it is around 250GB or more. That could change. Trust me, this new UBB is really pissing me off.


MC said...

Yes, you should be worried. Canada took a wrong turn somewhere down the line when it comes to net neutrality, and this initiative is a result.

Semaj said...

I just hope enough people can stand up to this and make change. I hope some of the Internet Content providers that need steady buying users make their voices hear.

This will be a major set back to the growing Online Videogaming community.

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