Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry Cavill as the new Superman and the Superman Curse

Henry Cavill certainly looks the part, if a slightly younger version of the character.  I think he will work out good for the Superman reboot. 
I help but think about the Superman Curse that is supposedly causes harm to those that play the role of Superman and some of the actors that surround them. 
From the Wiki page, ((The Superman Curse refers to a theory that is based on a series of misfortunes that have plagued creative people involved in adaptations of Superman in various media, particularly actors who have played the role of Superman on film and television.
The curse in a nutshell:
If you play the strongest man on Earth, you will either die an untimely death or end up in the weakest position possible.))
I don’t believe it, but let’s take a look at some of the leading actors in the role of Superman over the years.
Christopher Reeve:  Well, we know what happened to him don’t we?  I still can’t get over what happened to him and later his wife died. 
George Reeves:  His death is still a mystery.  But he was shot by a gun at the age of 45. 
Kirk Alyn:  This guy played the role in two Superman movies back in 40s.  He claimed that no one would hire him for other work because of the high profile role.
Mark Pillow: AKA Nuclear Man is on the list.  He kind of dropped out completely after a TV show called Alaska Kid.  I just think it was a combo of bad acting and directing that destroyed his career with Superman IV. 
Dean Cain:  Can we agree that this guy needs to be in the cursed list.  He hasn’t really had a great career since that Superman show.  It has been a steady career, but certainly not great.  He was in that movie Dead and Deader that was a flux sequel to Boll’s House of the Dead.  Oy…


MC said...

Is Brandon Routh the exception that proves the rule though?

Semaj said...

Yeah, he's kind of stay away from problems and stuff. I should have mentioned him too

I didn't mention the two actors that played Superman via the voice acting through Superman TAS and Justice League.

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