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The Razzies nominations for 2010 (Part 1)

The Razzies nominations for 2010 (Part 1)
Because naming off good movies isn’t that fun, I decided to look up Golden Raspberry award.   Because Big Fanboy has the list of the nominations, I'll just use their listing of the movies. And, I shall add my own comments on a few of the movies.
The Bounty Hunter:  This one I watched from beginning to end.  After watching the movie I came to the conclusion that Jennifer Aniston is the new Nic Cage.  She really doesn’t care how many bad romantic comedies she’s in. 
The Last Airbender:  I heard nothing but bad things spoken about the movie.  It is a shame MNS has rose-colored glasses on and pretty much ignores all criticisms of his movies.  He still thinks there is enough good will out there for another Airbender movie.  
Sex and the City 2
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck:  I might have to see how bad this movie really is before I comment on it. 

Jack Black, Gulliver’s Travels: There might be a chance that he will win, because I think Black would actually show up for the award. 
Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter:  What happened to this guy?  He plays the same character in all of his Rom-Com roles.  He needs to get back into action movies. 
Ashton Kutcher, Killers and Valentine’s Day:  This guy deserves to win because he is terrible.  Somehow, he’s tricked people into sticking his name on shows as a “producer” despite the fact he has no talent.  Kutcher, it is time to go back to being an underwear model. 
Taylor Lautner, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Valentine’s Day
Robert Pattinson, Remember Me and Twilight Saga: Eclipse:  This guy will probably win because of his goofy hair. 
Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter and The Switch: Did I mention that she even admitted that she’s been in some real stinkers?
Miley Cyrus, The Last Song:  She needed to be nominated for smoking that bong in that video. 
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, Sex & the City 2
Megan Fox, Jonah Hex:  She deserves the award.  Her acting is probably up to par with her role in transformers. 
Kristen Stewart Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Jessica Alba, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine’s Day:  I had totally forgotten that Alba has been in a lot of movies last year.  Yet, her career still hasn’t healed.  I’m waiting for Honey II, Alba.
Cher, Burlesque:  Cher, Madonna called and even she’s telling you to stop acting.  Now, watching your grown up daughter/now-son act in a comedy would be golden. 
Liza Minnelli, Sex and the City 2
Nicola Peltz, The Last Airbender
Barbra Streisand, Little Fockers
Billy Ray Cyrus, The Spy Next Door
George Lopez, Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door andValentine’s Day
Dev Patel, The Last Airbender
Jackson Rathbone, The Last Airbender and Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Rob Schneider, Grown Ups:  I hope he wins because he’ll bitch and moan about it in interviews.  Every time I hear people that say they loved Grown Ups, it is usually from people that have bad taste in movies.  

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