Monday, January 10, 2011

Auto Correct

Because I don’t text much or like using my five-year old cell phone, I had no idea iPad users had this auto-correct problem with their texting.  So many people have had amusing mistakes that there is a website that collects these mistakes.  They call the website Damn You
Make sure to check out the site for some funny messages.
Here are a few of my favorite ones. 
 Pee-Drinking?  Hmm, do you even leave a tip for that serve? 
 Something tells me if they did this for that Pizza girl, she wouldn't be as angry.  
 You can go so many ways with the Uranus comment.  Hey, it is Uranus and you can do what ever with it.  
This one is the gift that keeps giving because the multi auto-corrects.  In what state does one have to watch their steps in that kind of "rain"?  


Nick said...

Hilarious. I hate autocorrect with a passion.

Semaj said...

I had no idea it was such a problem or that there was a auto correct feature. I know a lot of RPGs had them before voice feature

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