Monday, January 24, 2011

Statue of Happiness: Is Hilary Clinton (GTA IV)

 Statue of Happiness: Is Hilary Clinton (GTA IV)
I remember reading about people believing that the Statue in GTA IV was modeled after the Statue of Liberty and that the face on the Statue of Happiness is actually based on Hilary Clinton. And, after looking at closeup pictures of the statue, it is clearly modeled after Hilary Clinton.
This is clearly a knock against Hilary because of her attack against the whole Hot Coffee Scandal. And, the statue is holding a cup of coffee. By the way, they even got her hairstyle as well.  Plus, look at her teeth.  
The other interesting thing is that in the beta version of the game it wasn't based on Hilary and it had a different face, meaning that the Hilary face was probably added at the end of production.

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