Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fifth Element

Fifth Element
The Nostalgia Chick reviewed this strange but interesting.  I am not sure about some of the tone as NC mentions in the review, but the overall story about Evil and the attack on Earth.  When I first watched the movie, I didn’t really get it.  I got caught up in some of the more silly “comedic” bits and found the movie unsatisfying.  
~Tommy 'Tiny' Lister:  Having this big hulking guy as the President of the World is rather amusing.  I didn’t get it when I first watched the movie, but now I love the idea of Tiny Lister as the most important man in the world. 
~Ian Holm and his monk partner:  I still hate most of the scenes with these two.  Most of the problems I have with the film stem from these two. 
~Leeloo: Milla “multipass” Jovovich is cute in the central role.  While wacky, her performance is very good.  No matter how many RE movies she does, she will always be known as Multi-Pass. 
~While the movie never is clear exactly what the relationship is between Zorg (Oldman) and Evil, it is clear that Zorg has been working for “it” for a long time.  The nice touch is the blood that simply appears on Zorg’s head when ever he talks to Evil.  It is a nice touch. 
~Ruby Rhod:  Is he gay or is he straight?  I do think Luc Besson got the whole metro-sexual thing right, if a little extreme.  We now have straight guys wearing really tight pants and shirts as if they are chicks.  And, the culture of men getting in touch with their feminine side is very popular in the hipster culture. 
~Evil X2:  I always got the hint that the Evil globe thing attacked Earth before and was promptly defeated before the movie.  This has to do with the Moon.  We know that defeating Evil turns it into a spherical rock that looks just like the Moon by the end of the movie.  So, it is safe to amuse that it has happened before because of the first moon.  

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